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Hall of Fame

Celebrating 25 years of mental health awards

TheMHS Medal

This Award, created in 2015, honours a unique and inspiring contribution to Mental Health by an individual or organisation and is awarded at the discretion of TheMHS Award Committee.

2016 TheMHS Medal Winner 2016: OrygenTheMHS Medal 2016

Presented to Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

Orygen was awarded the TheMHS Medal to celebrate their extraordinary and world-leading influence in Youth Mental Health endeavors including the vital role of early intervention to address mental ill-health in young people.

Their work has created a new, more positive approach to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, and has developed new models of care for young people with emerging disorders. This work has been translated into a worldwide shift in services and treatments to include a primary focus on getting well and staying well, and health care models that include partnership with young people and families. 

Photo: TheMHS Medal 2016 - Presented to Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. Picture: (John Moran and Kerryn Pennell) (Pat McGorry).


TheMHS MedalTheMHS MEDAL 2015

Presented to Australian Broadcasting Corporation for 2014 Mental As

2014 Mental As… was an amazing collection of programs on ABCTV, radio and online during one moving week of events across all ABC genres and platforms.

Photo: TheMHS Medal 2015 - Presneted to ABC Mental As.. Jack Heath, SANE, Richard Finlayson, ABC and Tegan Cotterill,  Mindframe.



Exceptional Contribution Winners

TheMHS Exceptional Contribution Award has a proud history of recognising the hard work and extraordinary achievement of individuals in improving mental health service delivery for Australians and New Zealanders.

This award represents an acknowledgement of an exceptional contribution, the results of which will flow on to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of all.

For other categories of TheMHS Awards Winners, view the archive of All Award Winners.




2016 Auckland

Bernadette McSherry: Founding Director, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, University of Melbourne

Jenny Burger: Schizophrenia Fellowship, Tandem, North West Area Mental Health Service, Melbourne, VIC

2015 Canberra

Helen Herrman: Director, Research at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, VIC; President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)

Brendan O'Hanlon: The Bouverie Centre, VIC

Janet Peters: Psychologist, Tauranga, New Zealand

2014 Perth

Douglas Holmes: Mental Health Consumer Participation Officer, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW

Erica Lee: Mater Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Mater Health Services, Brisbane, QLD 

2013 Melbourne

Margaret Leggatt, Victoria

Anne Helm, Wellington, New Zealand

2012 Cairns

Trevor Hazell: Director, Hunter Insitute of Mental Health

Barbara Hocking: Executive Director of SANE Australia

2011 Adelaide

Leanne Craze, NSW

2010 Sydney

Isabell Collins,  Melbourne, VIC

2009 Perth

Betty Kitchener: Director of the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training Program

2008 Auckland

Beth Bailey, Melbourne  VIC

2007 Melbourne

Sandy Jeffs, Christmas Hills, VIC

Sharon Lawn: Southern Adelaide Health Service Bedford Park, SA

2006 Townsville

Ms Ngoc-Anh Nguyen: Western Region Health Centre (WRHC), Western Region Outreach Service (part of WRHC)

Professor Ian Falloon: University of New Zealand

2005 Adelaide

Barbara Wieland: Service Director, Central Northern Adelaide Health Service Mental Health Division, Northern

Barbara Disley: CEO- Group Special Education Ministry of Education in New Zealand

2004 Gold Coast

Lifeline 24 Hour Crisis Telephone Line

2003 Canberra

SANE Australia

2002 Sydney

Dr Joan Clarke: Executive Director of Prahran Mission

2001 Wellington

Ms Anne Deveson, AO: SANE Australia

Professor John Werry: Mental Health Commission, New Zealand

2000 Adelaide

Simon Champ

Janet Meagher, AM

1999 Melbourne

Kathleen Stacey: Department of Public Health – Community Mental Health

SPHERE: A National Depression Project

1998 Hobart

Create - Community Recreation, Education Access, Training & Employment Team 'Cornucopia': Ryde Community Mental Health Service

Rehabilitation and Therapy Programs for Mental Health Clients: Belvedere Mental Health Resource and Therapy Centre

1997 Sydney

The Centre for Indigenous Mental Health Research and education: University of Melbourne Dept. of Psychiatry St Vincent's' Hospital

Diploma of Health Science (Mental Health): Joint Initiative with Charles Sturt University, Southern Health Service, and Aboriginal Steering Committee

Darwin Rural Aboriginal Mental Health Team: Territory Health Services

1996 Brisbane

Mental Health Program: Department of Public Health & Nutrition, University of Wollongong

1995 Auckland

Associate Professor Patrick McGorry: Early Psychosis & Intervention Centre

1994 Melbourne

Ms Robyn Byers: Nelson Marlborough Health Service Ltd