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TheMHS Award Categories

TheMHS AwardsThe Mental Health Service Awards of Australia and New Zealand.

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TheMHS Awards celebrate outstanding performance across a broad spectrum of disciplines relating to mental health services both in theory and in practice.

For Programs and Services

  1. Assessment and/or Treatment 
  2. Psychosocial and/or Support 
  3. Mental Health Promotion or Mental Illness Prevention 
  4. Education, Training or Workforce Development 
  5. Mental Health Consumer and Mental Health Peer Work
  6. Physical Health and/or Primary Care
  7. Achievement Award for entries with a different focus (including larger multistrand services)

Scoring criteria and detailed definitions of each category are available here.

For Research and Evaluation

The Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

This award recognises an Australian or New Zealand person for excellence in their work in research or evaluation of mental health services and programs. 

View detailed scoring criteria here.

Awards for Early Career Research in Mental Health

Launched in 2015, these three awards are intended for early career researchers (ECRs) whose work is beginning to make a significant impact in mental health research. Awards will be presented in the following three categories:

  • Innovation
  • Best Practice
  • Excellence

More information here.

Exceptional Contribution

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to mental health service delivery and acknowledges a remarkable accomplishment in the unfolding story of Mental Health Service delivery in Australia and New Zealand.

View detailed scoring criteria here.

TheMHS Media Awards

The Media awards promote excellence and accuracy of media coverage about mental health.

1.Text Journalism Award

The Text Journalism Award is for the best articles or series of articles on topics related to mental health or mental illness. This includes newspaper and magazine articles, online articles and blogs.

2. Sound/Vision Journalism Award

The Sound/Vision Journalism Award is for the best program, program segment or series of programs/segments relating to mental health or mental illness (including television drama).

3. Special Media Journalism Award

Awarded at the discretion of the panel, one or more entries with an outstanding regional/rural/community or other focus from the above two categories may be selected to receive this award.

View detailed scoring criteria and application instructions here.