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2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

2017 Summer Forum

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Personalising the Mental Health System

TheMHS Summer Forum will investigate the impact of our evolving mental health system on people and services, and ask how citizenship for consumers can be achieved.

As we enter an era of flexible funding, self-directed support and personalised packages in mental health, are we encountering new concepts or simply perpetuating an old model dressed up in new clothing?

For a person to have informed choice and control over their lives and the services and programs they need, there must be real choices available.  While funding mechanisms and system structures have a major impact on the individual, citizenship must be the ultimate outcome. What works to achieve citizenship and how can we provide it?  

Multiple reforms to mental health service delivery and funding mechanisms have resulted in a complex and often bewildering system in Australia and New Zealand. Has this led to better outcomes for people living with mental health problems and their families?  How can people (including professionals, managers, families/carers and consumers) successfully navigate these systems and structures? 

TheMHS Summer Forum asks how mental health systems can deliver authentic person-centred care in mental health.  Questions to be explored include:

  • How does our changing system enable personal choice and control?
  • How can people and organisations thrive in our changing system?
  • How do people navigate through Primary Health Networks, and the NDIS?
  • How do mental health managers prepare for new workforce issues, like continuity of service provision?
  • What works for consumers to achieve citizenship?

The 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum is complemented by the 2017 International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) exchange program which commences on Monday 27 February.  We welcome IIMHL delegates to register and attend TheMHS Summer Forum.



TheMHS Summer Forum 2017 features a host of international and expert speakers on the ‘hot’ topic across Australia of “Choice and Control: Personalising the Mental Health System”.  Speakers will cover latest developments in government policy, PHNs, NDIS, citizenship and how we respond to unprecedented change in the mental health system.

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